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    Last updated 3 years ago

    Our recent blogs have looked into the characteristics of a quality mechanic and the special services a Honda requires.  To learn more about these important subjects, check out the resources provided below or call GT Automotive at 801-784-4413 to speak with a professional.

    • provides information about certification and the stringent requirements for certified auto repair specialists. 
    • is your go to resource for how to operate and maintain your Honda properly and get better performance as a result. 
    •  To chat about how to properly maintain a Honda Civic, check out to join in the forum.
    • has a variety of Honda maintenance tips from washing to checking your coolant.


    Special Service to Keep Your Honda in Great Condition

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Honda cars are renowned for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles when they're properly maintained.  The reason some drivers have less success with their Honda is because their Honda isn't receiving the special services needed to get the most out of the vehicle.  The first step to correcting this is to better understand how a Honda needs to be maintained. 

    Let's look at the special service your Honda requires to stay in good repair.  

    Timing Belt and Fuel Injector Services 

    A couple of things that your Honda repair specialist will address are timing belt and fuel injector service. Timing belt and fuel injector services are particularly beneficial for your Honda because they'll save you from major repair in the future. They can also increase your engine's efficiency and gas-mileage, saving you money any way you look at it. 

    Follow Directions 

    Your Honda comes with a maintenance schedule in the owner's manual that should be followed according to the mileage on the car and time intervals in order to reduce major problems.  One of the reasons this is important is because timely maintenance will ensure that your auto parts are still covered by your warranty. 


    Honda manufactures cars differently than other auto makers and therefore you should have work done by a Honda repair specialist.  While the dealership can be very costly, you can find private repair shops that specialize in repairing Hondas and feature certified technicians that understand every component of the vehicle. Furthermore, your warranty doesn't require that service be done by a dealer. 

    At GT Automotive, we are proud to specialize in Honda repair and enjoy getting your Honda to go hundreds of thousands of miles for you and your family.  If you want your Honda to last, set up an appointment by calling us at 801-784-4413.


    3 Characteristics of a Quality Mechanic

    Last updated 3 years ago

    When it comes to auto repair, you want to go to a mechanic you can trust to do quality work on your car for a fair price.  But how can you determine whether you're dealing with a quality mechanic without becoming a mechanic yourself?  You need to know what to look for in an auto repair expert.  

    Here's are the characteristics of a quality mechanic, so that you'll know your car is in good hands. 

    1. Proper Certification

     In order to become certified, a mechanic must prove their work experience and knowledge throughout the ASE-certification process.  This qualification is much more than a formality, it represents the expertise you need to ensure quality auto repair.  Furthermore, certain technicians are specialized by a particular auto manufacturer, ensuring the operations of your particular car are top-notch. 

    2. A Good BBB Reputation

     The Better Business Bureau works to protect consumers and gives high grades to businesses that have achieved high customer satisfaction records.  By choosing an auto repair business with an A+ grade from the BBB, you know that you will get excellent customer service. 

    3. Full-Service Offerings 

    Choose a mechanic who can take care of it all, from oil changes to service and major repairs.  This allows you to get onto a regular maintenance program and lets your mechanic provide your car with the best possible service and auto repair.  Of course, in order for this to happen you have to find a mechanic who can meet all your car's needs.

     If you're looking for a quality mechanic to work on your Honda, Subaru, Toyota, or Lexus, then choose the auto repair experts who have the experience and training to handle your particular car properly.  In Utah, your quality mechanics are at GT Automotive.  If you want to get the best service for your Japanese and small domestic car, then call 801-784-4413 today.



    How to Check Your Car's Brake Fluid

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Not only do your brakes need to be maintained and occasionally replaced, but your brake fluid needs to be monitored and refilled in order for your brakes to continue working properly.  

    To learn more about your car's brake fluid, check out this video. Notice that there are a number of items for you to check, because there are certain indicators that your car requires repair or service.  This is why your auto repair shop will examine all your fluids when performing oil changes and other auto repairs. 

    At GT Automotive, we perform every auto repair, including brake service.  Schedule an appointment by calling 801-784-4413.


    5 Parts of Your Engine You Need to Have Routinely Checked to Keep it Running Smoothly

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If you want to protect your vehicle’s engine from wear-and-tear over time, then you should have it routinely checked by a professional mechanic.   No matter whether you own a Toyota or a Honda, preventative maintenance can make all the difference in the world. 

    Most importantly, there are five specific parts on your car that you should pay special attention to and have routinely checked: 

    1.      Water Pump

    The water pump can be found at the heart of your engine.  Its purpose is to help transfer heat away from the increasingly hot engine.  When your water pump is malfunctioning and not properly cooling the engine, your engine is at great risk of overheating and becoming damaged.   

    2.      Timing Belt

    Properly maintaining your timing belt may be the most important thing you can do to prevent serious damage.  You should replace these belts approximately every 50,000 miles.  If a timing belt were to snap or break, you could end up with bent valves and other broken engine parts that would require more costly repairs.  

    3.      Clutch

    The clutch on your manual transmission is what switches gears on the roadway.  If this piece of machinery is compromised somehow, then you will be in for an expensive overhaul of your vehicle.  If the clutch is starting to slip or feel jerky, then this may be a sign of future problems and you should have it examined by a certified mechanic. 

    4.      Fuel Filters

    Regularly replacing fuel filters will significantly reduce the possibility that your car becomes clogged with debris and grime.  These should be changed about every 12,000 miles.  

    5.      Air Filters

    Routinely changing air filters will ensure that your engine runs on clean air and operates effectively for years to come.  This should be performed annually, or every 15,000 miles. 

    If you would like to have your vehicle inspected for the functionality of any of these crucial car parts, then you can contact the professionals at GT Automotive.  Our expert technicians are fully qualified to repair any Honda, Toyota, Lexus, or Subaru.  Stop in today and find out what we can do for you!  Our shop is fully equipped to diagnose and fix any auto trouble you may be experiencing.  Don’t wait to contact us today at (801) 784-4413.



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